Feeless Trade Completes Seed and Private Financing Rounds, Raising 200k

The FeelessTrade Exchange private seed round concluded on June 16, 2021 with a total of $200,000 in raised funds. The Feeless team would like to show their gratitude toward their diverse arrangement of speculators as well as to the founders of several Decentralized Finance conventions for their backing in the development of future DeFi projects. These technologies empower FeelessTrade to advance their applications into a level which would not be possible without. Through use of previous applications combined with new tech, FeelessTrade works to cultivate an advanced exchange program that will soon be a market standard.

Cryptocurrency is often slandered for its sometimes extreme levels of volatility, but FeelessTrade offers an interesting arrangement for liquidity suppliers, showcase producers, and enthused community individuals to permit them to benefit from instability with higher capital effectiveness. “With a noteworthy group, strong incentivization instruments and an awesome mission, unique ways of thinking are what fuel the Decentralized Finance movement.”

-Eric Weber, Founder of FLT.

According to Richard Larson, Co-founder of Component Capital, “Volatility files and their derivatives are huge, commonly exchanged markets in conventional funds. In conventional markets, they are commonly utilized to support broader showcase exposure. The Feeless Trade Exchange is building instability items to serve a comparable, much needed position in DeFi that has been lacking in other projects. Instability in crypto can be utilized to support advertised introduction and offer assistance for liquidity suppliers to create more steady yields.” FeelessTrade is accumulating an already impressive list of supporters and adopters.

The FeelessTrade team is proud to be at the cutting edge of the decentralized subordinates space and is excited to see how the community and showcase will prosper in the near future. This intuitive exchange will change the way cryptocurrency is traded for many years to come.

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